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The scope of this standard is to develop an architecture and bridge (-1-) protocols, compatible and interoperable with existing Bridged Local Area Network protocols and equipment, to: (a) provide separate instances of the MAC service (-3-) to multiple independent users of a Bridged Local Area Network (-1-, -2-) in a manner that does not require cooperation among the users, and requires a minimum of cooperation between the users and the provider of the MAC service, and to define basic management of users' MAC services. References: -1- IEEE Std. 802.1D, -2- IEEE Std. 802.1Q, -3- IEEE Std. 802, -4- IEEE P802.1S.


This standard will enable a Service Provider to offer the equivalent of separate LAN Segments, Bridged or Virtual Bridged LANs, to a number of users, over the Provider's bridged network. This Standard will enable the use of the architecture and protocols of IEEE Std 802.1Q, and provide for interoperability and consistent management.


Amendment Standard - Inactive - Superseded. This amendment enables a service provider to use the architecture and protocols of IEEE Std 802.1Q to offer the equivalent of separate LANs, Bridged Local Area Networks, or Virtual Bridged Local Area Networks to a number of customers, while requiring no cooperation between the customers, and minimal cooperation between each customer and the service provider.