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The scope of the project is to enhance the 802.11 standard and amendments, to add channel selection for 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz in Japan to additionally conform to the Japanese rules for radio operation.


The purpose of the proposed project is to obtain Japanese regulatory approval by enhancing the current 802.11 MAC and 802.11a PHY to additionally operate in newly available Japanese 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz bands.


Amendment Standard - Superseded. This amendment specifies the extensions to IEEE Std 802.11¿¿ for Wireless Local Area Networks providing mechanisms for operation in the 4.9 GHz and 5 GHz bands in Japan. This amendment is based on IEEE Std 802.11¿¿¿, 1999 Edition (Reaff 2003), as amended by IEEE Stds 802.11a¿¿¿-1999, 802.11b¿¿¿-1999, 802.11b-1999/Cor 1-2001, 802.11d¿¿¿-2001, 802.11g¿¿¿-2003, 802.11h¿¿¿-2003, and 802.11i¿¿¿-2004.