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To develop a higher speed(s) PHY extension to 802.11b.


To develop a new PHY extension to enhance the performance and the possible applications of the 802.11b compatible networks by increasing the data rate achievable by such devices. This technology will be beneficial for improved access to fixed network LAN and inter-network infrastructure (including access to other wireless LANs) via a network of access points, as well as creation of higher performance ad hoc networks.


Amendment Standard - Superseded. Changes and additions to IEEE Std 802.11, 1999 Edition, as amended by IEEE Stds 802.11a-1999, 802.11b-1999, 802.11b-1999/Cor 1-2001, and 802.11d-2001, are provided to support the further higher data rate extension for operation in the 2.4 GHz band.