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To refine the Security Assoc. Identifier (SAID) field of the current Standard to support Multicast Key Center (MKC) identification. Neither the SDE PDU format, nor the elements of procedure are changed by this refinement. Additionally, this revision will incorporate supplements 802.10e, 802.10f, 802.10g, and 802.10h.


To allow independent Multicast Key Centers to assign unique SAID's. The current Standard only permits a global MKC, or necessitates out-of-band coordination among all MKC's to prevent re-use of the same SAID - both alternatives create an intractable implementation problem.


Revision Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. Withdrawn -- please refer to WE94694. This IEEE Standards product is part of the 802 family on LAN/MAN. IEEE 802.10 provides specifications for an interoperable data link layer security protocol and associated security services. The Secure Data Exchange (SDE) protocol is supported by an application layer Key Management Protocol (KMP) that establishes security associations for SDE and other security protocols. A security label option is specified that enables rule-based access control to be implemented using the SDE protocol. A method to allow interoperability with type-en-coded Medium Access Control (MAC) clients is also provided, as well as a set of managed object classes to be used in the management of the SDE sublayer and its protocol exchanges.

Document History

  1. IEEE 802.10-1998


    IEEE Standard for Interoperable LAN/MAN Security (SILS)

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE 802.10-1992

    Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Interoperable LAN/MAN Security (SILS) Currently Contains Secure Data Exchange (SDE) (Clause 2)

    • Historical Version

Amendments & Errata

  1. IEEE 802.10c-1998

    IEEE Standards for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Supplement to Standard for Interoperable LAN/MAN Security (SILS)--Key Management (Clause 3)

  2. IEEE 802.10a-1999

    IEEE Standard for Interoperable LAN/MAN Security (SILS): The Model (Clause 1)