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The intent of this standard is to name a common set of instructions used by most general purpose microprocessors, to|provide rules for the naming of new instructions and the derivation of new mnemonics, and to establish assembly language conventions.|Limitation of Scope. This standard does not perform the following functions:|1) Prescribe programming style|2) Specify or restrict the number of instructions or directives|3) Prescribe or restrict the type of instructions or directives|4) Specify or restrict machine architectures|5) Specify source or object file formats


The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform requirements for instruction naming, instruction mnemonics, and assembly language syntax. It is intended to be used as a basis for microprocessor assembler specification. This standard sets forth the functional definitions and corresponding mnemonics for microprocessor instructions. The specific set of instructions differs for each type of processor. Likewise, the number of condition codes and their setting and resetting is processor-dependent, and is not prescribed by this standard. Each user of a particular microprocessor should be thoroughly conversant with its operation and should make no a priori assumptions with regard to the detailed behavior of its instructions.


New IEEE Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. This document standardizes existing practice: it specifies a set of instruction mnemonics and descriptions, establishes a standard assembly language syntax, and provides procedures for consistent extension.