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This guide discusses the significance of various types of tests commonly employed to evaluate the insulation of power apparatus in the field, where environmental conditions cannot readily be controlled; the equipment and techniques required for each type of test; problems peculiar to field testing, and methods of dealing with these problems; and the application of field tests to specific types of power apparatus.


New IEEE Standard - Superseded. Diagnostic tests and measurements that are performed in the field on oil-immersed power transformers and regulators are described. Whenever possible, shunt reactors are treated in a similar manner to transformers. Tests are presented systematically in categories depending on the subsystem of the unit being examined. A diagnostic chart is included as an aid to identify the various subsystems. Additional information is provided regarding specialized test and measuring techniques.

Document History

  1. IEEE C57.152-2013

    IEEE Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Fluid-Filled Power Transformers, Regulators, and Reactors

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE 62-1995

    IEEE Guide for Diagnostic Field Testing of Electric Power Apparatus - Part 1: Oil Filled Power Transformers, Regulators, and Reactors

    • Historical Version
  3. IEEE 62-1978


    IEEE Guide for Field Testing Power Apparatus Insulation

    • Historical Version