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This recommended practice describes how to conduct motor-starting studies for industrial and commercial power systems. The basic concepts involved in such studies are described first. This is followed by a discussion of how to assemble the required data needed for the analysis, how to recognize potential problems associated with the starting of motors, and how to implement corrective measures.


IEEEa??s Industrial Applications Society has determined a need for reorganizing the IEEEa??s Color Books Series, 13 books that currently cover various topics that fall under the purview of the Industrial and Commercial Power Industry. This comprehensive initiative, driven by the volunteer leadership of I&CPS, acknowledges that the continued and long-term maintenance of IEEEa??s Color Books has been affected by significant attrition due to declining volunteer resources, the complexity involved in updating each book, and content duplication among the books. The existing content will be integrated into a newly proposed structure by technical topics that will allow for easy updating, more streamlined content, and elimination of duplicative material. [Note: This purpose will not be included in the document]


New IEEE Standard - Active. This recommended practice describes how to conduct motor-starting studies including design considerations for new systems, analytical studies for existing systems as well as operational and model validation considerations for industrial and commercial power systems. Motor starting analysis includes motor starting current and voltage drop evaluation. Accuracy of calculation results primarily relies on system modeling assumptions and methods used. This recommended practice emphasizes the use of computer-aided analysis software with a list of desirable capabilities recommended to conduct a modern motor starting study. It also presents examples of system data requirements and presents result analysis techniques. This standard discusses benefits obtained from motor-starting studies and examines various types of computer-aided motor-starting studies. Data or information required for these studies as well as the expected results of a motor-starting study effort are also reviewed.