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Scope - This standard provides recommendations to: (1) help utilities identify structures that may be at a high risk for below-grade corrosion; (2) excavate and inspect the selected structures; (3) categorize the condition of structures based on corrosion degradation; (4) prioritize structures requiring additional inspection based on those findings; and (5) help identify next steps as required.


The purpose is to provide a standard practice document for use by electric utilities to inspect and assess corrosion of weathering steel on in-service transmission, distribution and substation structures. More specifically, the purpose of this document is to provide procedures for the use of common inspection practices and technology on weathering steel structures below grade. This includes: (a) assessment of historical data to categorize inspection priority; (b) below-grade inspection and assessment to categorize structures by level of condition; (c) site-specific environmental factors and soil conditions; (d) evaluation of existing repairs; (e) assessment of foundation anchors and associated hardware; and (f) detection of stray currents.


New IEEE Standard - Active.