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This standard defines the information exchange between spectrum sensors and their clients in radio communication systems. The logical interface and supporting data structures used for information exchange are defined abstractly without constraining the sensing technology, client design, or data link between the sensor and client.


This amendment provides specifications to allow integrating 1900.6 based distributed sensing systems into existing and future dynamic spectrum access radio communication systems. It enables existing legacy systems to benefit so as to widen the potential adoption of the IEEE 1900.6 interface as an add-on to these systems and to claim standard conformance for an implementation of the interface. In addition it facilitates sharing of spectrum sensing data and other relevant data among 1900.6 based entities and external data archives.


Amendment Standard - Inactive-Reserved. Included in this amendment to IEEE Std 1900.6(TM) are procedures, protocols, and message format specifications for the exchange of sensing related data, control data, and configuration data between spectrum sensors and their clients. In addition, specifications for the exchange of sensing related and other relevant data and related interfaces between the data archive and other data sources have been added.