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This document provides guidance for the application of computerized operating procedure systems (COPS). This guidance concerns the design (i.e., form and function) and use of COPS. In general, thisguide does not provide guidance for the technical content of the operating procedures being presented except as needed to address unique aspects of procedure implementation on COPS. Software tools that can be described as computerized procedures but reside outside the control room (such as might be used for maintenance or testing) are also beyond the scope of this document.


The project is intended to provide application guidance, based on current industry experience, for the design and use of computerized operating procedure systems (COPS) at nuclear power generating stations and other nuclear facilities. This guide will identify acceptable practices and important considerations for applying COPS to facility operations. This guide is intended to support developers, users, and reviewers of COPS.


New IEEE Standard - Active. The application of computerized operating procedure systems (COPS), their design (i.e., form and function), and use is presented in this guide.