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SDF (Standard Delay Format) is an existing OVI standard for the representation and interpretation of timing data for use at any stage of the electronic design process. The ASCII data in the SDF file is represented in a tool and language independent way and includes path delays, timing constraint values, interconnect delays and high level technology parameters.


SDF has come to be accepted as a standard by many companies both in the EDA industry and among their customers, but minor differences have gradually arisen, primarily due to the rapid adoption and evolution. IEEE standardization brings with it an opportunity to reduce and eventually eliminate non-standard implementations and usages of SDF, enhance and improve it based on new input, and also to broaden usage around the world.


New IEEE Standard - Active. IEC 61523-3: 2004 Dual-logo document. Replaces IEEE Std 1497-2001. The Standard Delay Format (SDF) is defined in this standard. SDF is a textual file format for representing the delay and timing information of electronic systems. While both human and machine readable, in its most common usage it will be machine written and machine read in support of timing analysis and verification tools, and of other tools requiring delay and timing information. The primary audience for this standard is the implementors of tools supporting the format, but anyone with a need to understand the formata??s contents will find it useful.