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This project will establish a standard interface for connecting network capable processors to control networks through the development of a common control network information or object model for smart sensors and actuators. The object model includes transducer block, function block, plysical block, and network block and their underlying structures. This project will not define individual device algorithms or specifics of what is implemented using the model.


Many control network implementations are currently available, each with its own strength and weakness for a specific application class. A common network-independent application model mapping to any sinsor/actuator protocol will reduce effort for interfacing smart sensors and actuators to control netowsrks. It will establish interoperability between sensors/actuators and networks, thus enabling plug and play capability. A standard object model will simplify the support of multiple sensor/actuator control network protocols.


New IEEE Standard - Inactive-Reserved. This standard defines an object model with a network-neutral interface for connecting processors to communication networks, sensors, and actuators. The object model containing blocks, services, and components specifies interactions with sensors and actuators and forms the basis for implementing application code executing in the processor.