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This guide provides maintenance testing and failure analysis guidance for form-wound, squirrel cage, induction machinery rated up to 15 kV. The guide addresses the following machine systems: ¿¿¿ Stator (winding and wore) ¿¿¿ Rotor (winding and core) ¿¿¿ Vibration and noise ¿¿¿ Bearings and shafts ¿¿¿ Structure, frame ¿¿¿ Ventilation ¿¿¿ Accessories


This document is intended for the following purposes: ¿¿¿ To provide guidance concerning the appropriateness of various maintenance tests and interpreting the results of those tests with respect to failure analysis and to routine predictive maintenance activities ¿¿¿ To provide a methodology by which the most probable cause of any particular machine failure may be determined ¿¿¿ To encourage the establishment of routine and uniform data collection so valuable facts of the failure are not destroyed ¿¿¿ To facilitate cooperative efforts by users and manufacturers during failure analysis


Revision Standard - Active. This guide describes field test methods that assure that current transformers are connected properly, are of marked ratio and polarity, and after having been in service for a period of time.