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This publication provides a recommended practice for the electrical design of industrial facilities. It is likely to be of greatest value to the power-oriented engineer with limited industrial plant experience. It can also be an aid to all engineers responsible for the electrical design of industrial facilities. However, it is not intended as a replacement for the many excellent engineering texts and handbooks commonly in use, nor is it detailed enough to be a design manual. It should be considered a guide and general reference on electrical design for industrial plants and buildings. Tables, charts, and other information that have been extracted from codes, standards, and otherre technical literature are included in this publication. Their inclusion is for illustrative purposes; where technical accuracy is important, the latest version of the referenced document should be consulted to assure use of complete, up-to-date, and accurate information.


Revision Standard - Inactive-Reserved. This IEEE Standards product is part of the Color Books family. A thorough analysis of basic electrical-systems considerations is presented. Guidance is provided in design, construction, and continuity of an overall system to achieve safety of life and preservation of property; reliability; simplicity of operation; voltage regulation in the utilization of equipment within the tolerance limits under all load conditions; care and maintenance; and flexibility to permit development and expansion. Recommendations are made regarding system planning; voltage considerations; surge voltage protection; system protective devices; fault calculations; grounding; power switching, transformation, and motor-control apparatus; instruments and meters; cable systems; busways; electrical energy conservation; and cost estimation.

Document History

  1. IEEE 141-1993


    IEEE Recommended Practice for Electric Power Distribution for Industrial Plants

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE 141-1986

    IEEE Recommended Practice for Electric Power Distribution for Industrial Plants (IEEE Red Book)

    • Historical Version