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This document has been developed to assist the DIS technician to plan and conduct the Validation and Verification process. This document presents the data flow and connectivity of all proposed Validation and Verification process model steps and provides rationale and justification of each step.


The DIS Validation and Verification process morrors the difficulties of designing, assembling, and testing a collection of models and simulations. Because a variety of applications ca be supported by the use of DIS, the Validation and Verification process must be clearly and completely defined in terms that will ensure a solid understanding by its various users and designers.


New IEEE Standard - Active. Guidelines are established for the verification, validation, and accreditation (VV&A) of distributed interactive simulation (DIS) exercises. a??How-toa?? procedures for planning and conducting DIS exercise VV&A are provided. Intended for use in conjunction with IEEE Std 1278.3-1996, this recommended practice presents data flow and connectivity for all proposed verification and validation activities and provides rationale and justification for each step. VV&A guidance is provided to exercise users/sponsors and developers.