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This standard is part of a proposed set of standards for Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) applications. Each standard in the proposed set describes one or more of the several elements that constitute the DIS environment. As a whole, the set of standards will define an interoperable simulated battle environment. This particular standard addresses the exercise control and feedback stations connected into DIS networks.


Exercise management and feedback stations are not currently covered by standards. In fulfillling this need, the working group will define the functions that must be implemented in Exercise Management and Feedback Stations. These functions will allow the exercise manager to control exercise participants and to provide feedback of exercise results to participants; both groups distributed geographically.


New IEEE Standard - Active. Guidelines are established for exercise management and feedback in Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) exercises. Guidance is provided to sponsors, providers, and supporters of DIS compliant systems and exercises as well as to developers of DIS exercise management and feedback stations. The activities of the organizations involved in a DIS exercise and the top-level processes used to accomplish those activities are addressed. The functional requirements of the exercise management and feedback process are also addressed. This standard is one of a series of standards developed for DIS to assure interoperability between dissimilar simulations for currently installed and future simulations developed by different organizations.