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Magnetic fields of analog and digital telephone receivers, as well as non-traditional telephone receivers, such as wireless devices, may be objectively measured using this standard. Receivers not connected to a telephone may be evaluated as well. Measurement of static fields, such as those created by permanent magnets, is not covered. The methodology described in this standard is suitable for measurements in the range of 100 Hz to 10 000 Hz.


The impetus for this work was derived from a need to specify the alternating magnetic field at selected locations around a telephone receiver required for satisfactory inductive coupling to heating aids. It is also useful for other applications where knowledge of the magnetic field strength is required. The results, thus obtained, may be used to evaluate or specify the magnetic field strength produced by a receiver on a standardized basis. The accuracy and reproducibility of measurements made in accordance with this standard will depend primarily upon the accuracy of the test equipment used, the care with which the measurements are conducted, and the inherent stability of the telephone or transducers, or both, under test. Where a given set of measurements is repeated in the same laboratory and by the same operator, a relatively high degree of reproducibility should be obtained. When comparing measurements made by different laboratories, however, allowances should be made for the influencing factors mentioned above.


Revision Standard - Inactive-Withdrawn. The methodology for measuring the magnetic field strength in the vicinity of a telephone receiver is described.

Document History

  1. IEEE 1027-1996


    IEEE Standard Method for Measurement of the Magnetic Field in the Vicinity of a Telephone Receiver

    • Most Recent
  2. IEEE 1027-1984

    IEEE Trial-Use Standard Method for Measuring the Magnetic Field Intensity Around a Telephone Receiver

    • Historical Version