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IEC 62954:2019 presents the requirements for the on-site emergency response facilities (referred to hereinafter as the ERF ) which are to be used in case of incidents or accidents occurring on the associated Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).
The ERF consists of the Emergency Response Centre (ERC), the Technical Support Centre (TSC) and the Operational Support Centre (OSC).
It establishes requirements for the ERF features and ERF I&C equipment to:
coordinate on-site operational efforts with respect to safety and radioprotection;
optimize the design in terms of environment control, lighting, power supplies and access control of the ERF;
enhance the identification and resolution of potential conflicts between the traditional operational means and emergency means (MCR/SCR and ERF, operating staff and emergency teams, operational procedures and emergency procedures);
aid the identification and the enhancement of the potential synergies between the traditional operational means and emergency means.