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Full Description

Changes in this edition include:
  • An automatic sprinkler system is required within a building when the roof is used for A-2 assembly occupancy with an occupant load exceeding 100 or for other assembly uses exceeding 300.
  • Carbon monoxide alarm provisions have been relocated, reformatted and revised.
  • More detailed scoping requirements for recreational facilities are included within the new Section 1110.
  • A modification allows egress through an elevator lobby when access to at least one exit is available without passing through the lobby.
  • Group E occupancies and emergency responder facilities located in "tornado alley" are required to have storm shelters. Storm shelters provided for other occupancies and in other areas of the country are voluntary. However, all storm shelters must comply with ICC 500.
  • A definition for Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) was added to Chapter 2, and the ANSI/APA PRG 320-2011 product manufacturing standard is referenced in Chapter 23 and added to Chapter 35.
  • New code sections were added covering rooftop mounted photovoltaic solar panels.
  • "Vegetative roof" is defined in Section 202 to be consistent with the definition in the IgCC™ and ASTM D1079. A reference to ASTM E 2397 was added for determining soil loads on vegetative roofs.
  • Chapter 34 on existing buildings has been deleted and a reference to the IEBC replaces the chapter. All provisions previously in Chapter 34 may be found in the IEBC.
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Document History

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    2021 International Building Code

    • Most Recent
  2. ICC IBC-2018

    2018 International Building Code

    • Historical Version
  3. ICC IBC-2015


    2015 International Building Code

    • Historical Version
  4. ICC IBC-2012

    2012 International Building Code

    • Historical Version
  5. ICC NY-BC-2010

    Building Code of New York State, 2010

    • Historical Version
  6. ICC IBC-2009

    2009 International Building Code

    • Historical Version
  7. ICC NY-BC-2007

    Building Code of New York State, 2007

    • Historical Version
  8. ICC IBC-2006

    2006 International Building Code

    • Historical Version
  9. ICC IBC-2003

    2003 International Building Code

    • Historical Version
  10. ICC IBC-2000

    International Building Code

    • Historical Version