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Full Description

This Standard specifies minimum requirements for materials, physical characteristics,performance tests, and markings for electro-pneumatic backwater prevention systems.

The purpose of this Standard is to enhance health and safety by:

(a) specifying acceptable criteria for electro-pneumatic backwater prevention systems;

(b) serving as a guide for producers, distributors, architects, engineers, contractors, installers,inspectors and users; and

(c) promoting understanding regarding materials and manufacturing of electro-pneumatic backwater prevention systems.

Document History

  1. IAPMO IGC 283-2011ae1


    Electro-Pneumatic Backwater Prevention Systems

    • Most Recent
  2. IAPMO IGC 283-2011a

    Electro-Pneumatic Backwater Prevention Systems

    • Historical Version
  3. IAPMO IGC 283-2011

    Electro-Pneumatic Backwater Prevention Systems

    • Historical Version