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About This Item


Full Description

62.1-2010 Comply-VAV is a package of software programs for establishing compliance with the ASHRAE Standard 62.1 - 2010 Ventilation Rate Procedure. It does not perform calculations for or assist with the "IAQ Design Procedure".

  • New version includes the proprietary "VAV Scheduler"©.  Calculates and automatically adjusts minimum VAV air quantities, to assure that the supply air temp. will not be higher than 15° F (8° C) above the room temperature. (This procedure can significantly reduce required OA at the air handling unit, due to higher ventilation efficiency of supply outlets.)
  • Calculates VAV terminal capacities and associated reheat coil capacities, based on "Optimized" zone minimum air quantities and zone heating requirements.
  • Provides VAV terminal data, for input to manufacturer's selection programs and for ACAD VAV Terminal Unit Schedules.
  • Proprietary “Optimization” procedures identify the “critical” zone/s and adjust the minimum air quantities, to Optimize the required OA quantities.

The programs also provide output in the form of "Compliance Documents" for submittal to the appropriate code enforcement officials or building departments, and also provide documentation for LEED submittals. 
With the proprietary "Optimization" procedures, the calculations assure that the prescribed outdoor air quantities are being met while also assuring that the outdoor air quantities are not grossly excessive.  "Optimization" can save significant Energy and Operating Costs over the life of a facility.

Additional features of the software package that support the ASHRAE 62.1-2010 Standard and User's Manual include:

  • Straightforward takeoff and input allows easy analysis of all zones, to assure that the correct "critical zones" are analyzed.
  • All procedures, formulas, charts, and tables as prescribed by the Ventilation Rate Procedure have been included and have been used to establish the "Optimized" Outdoor Intake Flow Rate requirements.
  • Capacity of over 100 zones per air handling unit, using Appendix A calculations.
  • Output of "Compliance Documents" including a list of assumptions, as well as calculations results printouts.
  • Separate calculation procedures for multiple zone systems with and without local recirculation systems, as well as single zone systems and 100% outdoor air systems.
  • Time averaging algorithms for occupancy, where allowed.
  • Addresses VAV minimum airflow, per zone.
  • Addresses the issue of possible overcooling when "critical zone" minimum primary airflow is increased.
  • Extensive "Help Files" that are hyperlinked to each program, form, or table.

System Requirements:
Windows 98, 200, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7
Processor: Pentium or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB (recommended)
Disk Space: 50 MB (recommended)
Software: MS Word, MS Excel
If you purchase 62.1-2010 Comply-VAV, you will be e-mailed a link and a password within 48 business hours that will allow you to download and install this software package.
Downloaded software cannot be returned for refund or credit.

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