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In central chilled water systems, the refrigerating units are usually concentrated at one location where they chill water that is distributed through pipes to a number of individual buildings, each of which may include a number of individual cooling coils. In addition to the central chilling plant, there may be one or more water chillers remotely located that were in existence when the facility was converted to a central plant. Field systems often include primary and secondary pumps and various types of air- and water-control valves and pressure control devices.The computer program whose methodology is described in this paper is intended for simulating the system and not directly for selecting equipment. In equipment selection, the designer can assign values of pressures, temperatures, and flow rates at critical locations and select the pipe sizes, pumps, coils, and valves that correspond to those specifications. For example, a pump can be selected to provide the stipulated elevation in pressure at the designated water flow rate. A simulation, on the other hand, assumes that the flow network is defined, that all components are selected, and that the performance characteristics of all components are known. The simulation program then computes the pressures, temperatures, and flow rates of water as well as temperatures of air leaving the cooling coils at other than design thermal loads. There are several situations for which the program is especially suited. One applicat

Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, Volume 83, Part 2, Halifax, NS