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This standard states Approval criteria for rigid seismic sway brace components and asseblies for pipe, tubing and conduit.

For rigid seismic sway braces, the general requirements for seismic sway bracing components apply to the components that are attached to the structural element and the components that are attached to the pipe, tube or conduit. Although used in testing, the brace member that is attached between the building-attached component and the piping-attached component is used in testing, but not included within the scope of the standard.

The evaluation of building-attached components is based on the premise that the component would either break, or deform in excess of the allowed limits, prior to either the failure of the attachment fastener, or the deflection of the structural member (e.g. beam). Therefore, the attachment fastener and structural members are not considered to be within the scope of this Approval Standard.

The evaluation of piping-attached components is based on the premise that the component would break, deform in excess of allowed limits, or lose its grip on the pipe.

Seismic sway brace components are designed to attach to pipe, tubing or conduit from Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) 1 to 12 inch (DN 25-300).

Document History

  1. FM Approvals 1950


    Seismic Sway Braces for Pipe, Tubing and Conduit

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  2. FM Approvals 1950

    Seismic Sway Braces for Automatic Sprinkler Systems

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