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Full Description

The present document outlines the process employed by TC TETRA Working Group 1 in generating user requirements in general, and the methodology used for creating User Requirements Specifications (URSs) for Release 2.1 in particular. It also covers the process of identifying interdependencies, which is considered important for ensuring that various stand-alone URSs fit together into an integrated and coherent URS for TETRA Release 2.1 as a whole.

The present document is applicable to the specification of TETRA Release 2.1 equipment.

NOTE: Some of the parts may stay as TETRA Release 2, but are part of the present set of URSs.

Each of the work areas of the TETRA Release 2.1 programme is covered by its own stand-alone URS. The URSs were produced by the membership of WG1, who are responsible for capturing and defining user requirements for TETRA.

Document History

  1. ETSI TR 102 021-1


    Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA); User Requirement Specification TETRA Release 2.1; Part 1: General overview

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  2. ETSI TR 102 021-1

    Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA); User Requirement Specification TETRA Release 2; Part 1: General Overview

    • Historical Version