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The Developing communities in their path for rapid development is endeavoring to make all necessary and appropriate measures to enhance the efficiency of energy utilization and increase the beneficiation of the energy resources. The energy production, transmission, distribution and utilization efficiency becomes a vital factor and measure of national development. Governmental organizations were established earlier to be responsible for energy planning and efficient utilization, information dissemination and capacity building as well as devising the necessary codes and standards. Throughout the Nation Energy resources are widely used and consumption rates are in general exceeding the International accepted values. Energy rationalization and audit exercises were developed and monitored by Governmental authorities, Universities and Research centers through the past two decades with a definitive positive energy reduction and beneficiation. The development of the relevant codes for Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency in Building is underway through the governmental bodies responsible for the research and development in the building Technology sector and is the umbrella under which the National and Unified Arab Codes are developed and issued. A pr oposed new Energy Performance in Buildings Directive would fulfill the following main targets of Energy Performance Directive:

1. "Legestilative authorities shall ensure that, when buildings are constructed, sold or rented out, an energy performance ce rtificate is made
available to the owner or by the owner to the prospective buyer or tenant, as the case might be. …
2. The energy performance certificate for buildings shall include reference values such as currant legal standards and benchmarks in order to make
it possible for consumers to compare and assess the energy performance of the building. The certificate shall be accompanied by recommendations for
cost-effective improvement of the energy performance…" The following steps are required for the energy certification:
1. Develop methodologies for energy declaration of the buildings
2. Develop reference values (key numbers) and /or systems for benchmarking
3. Provide a labeling system for selected buildings
4. Describe an energy signature for the building