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In the context of optimizing controls for high-performancebuildings to achieve energy savings while maintaining orimproving occupant comfort, this study is aimed at findingincremental improvements in the existing control logic for anexisting building. Through the use of parametric studies with abuilding energy simulation model that incorporates a stochasticmodel of occupant window use and automatic windowcontrol logic commensurate with the physical building, theperformance of different natural ventilation control strategiesis evaluated. Due to the inclusion of stochastic occupant behaviorin the building model, results of simulations are presentedas a distribution of potential outcomes, rather than a scalarvalue; however, the average of these distributions is used forsimpler comparison between control strategies. The resultsshow that annual HVAC electricity consumption can bereduced by 3% to 15%, depending upon the controls changesimplemented.

Citation: ASHRAE Transactions -- Volume 119, Part 2, Denver, CO.