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A 2400 ton-hour (8450-kWh) ice storage system was designed and instailed in a northern lllinois hospital as the best and most cost effective means of alleviating an existing cooling tower noise problem ever which litigation was threatened and an !llinois EPA complaint had been lodged. Selection of the ice storage option followed an intensive examination of numerous alternative methods to alleviate the problem. A 385-ton (1360-kW) screw compressor and twin outside ice banks were utilized as well a microcomputer to implement an innovative semiautomatic control methodology. The system was completed and came on line in May 1984 and has been in operation since, not only solving the noise problem but saving the hospital increasing amounts every year as electric rates rise.

Units: Dual


Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions, 1988, vol. 94, pt. 1, Dallas, TX