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A study was conducted to develop and field-test audit procedures that could be used in a large survey of in-situ appliance efficiencies. The appliances concerned were refrigerators, gas and electric water heaters, central air conditioners, and central gas furnaces. The efficiency indicators measured were compared to the manufacturers’ rated values as determined by the California appliance standards procedures. The audit procedures field test involved 61 homes during summer 1986 and winter 1986-1987. Appliances were submitted to one-day short-term efficiency tests and one-week long-term monitoring of energy use and operational characteristics. The audit procedures were successful for refrigerators, the recovery efficiency of water heaters, and central gas furnaces. Water heater standby loss and air conditioner efficiency audit procedures are not practical at this time. An examination of alternative air conditioner audit procedures is advisable, whereas development of a practical audit procedure for measuring water heater standby loss is very unlikely. The successful audit procedures represent useful diagnostic tools that can be used in conjunction with all types of appliance end-use monitoring.

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