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There is a clear need for more sustainable, comfortable and thus more productive solutions within the built environment. However at the moment the initial investment cost for applying new renewable energy source and solutions for better Indoor Air Quality are higher than the traditional solutions. As there is often a fixation on primary investment costs is very important to stimulate the application of Life Cycle Costing models to show clients which alternative is the best choice in the long run. Unfortunately at the moment there are no good and simple tools available to use in the early stage of the design process.

Based on a Life Cycle Analysis a Life Cycle Costing decision support tool was developed to assess design solutions. The tool shows the advantages of more sustainable and healthier solution on the long run and so helps decision making on the possible application o these solutions. The tool supports the design team during the early stages of the design with the selection of innovative building design solutions (including adjustments and change over time) considering a longer period. It uses a dynamic instead of a traditional static approach, which consists of a Life Cycle Costs calculation based on discounted cast flows and the use of scenarios. As investment costs are important but profit even more performance/productivity was added as an element t the Life Cycle Cost calculation, resulting in a Life Cycle Performance Costing model. Two examples will be presented, one Life Cycle Costing calculation about the selection of an energy generation concept of a building and on Life Cycle Performance Costing calculation about selecting a room conditions concept. This is to demonstrate the added value of making a comparison of alternative solutions based on the life cycle performance costing performances of different building services designs.