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Full Description

This document is intended to serve the industry in the form of recommendations for anyone wishing to practice multichannel television sound (MTS) in accordance with the BTSC system and the FCC Rules governing its use. Both the FCC Report and Order in Docket 21323 which authorized MTS and the OST Bulletin No.60 (OST 60 gives a technical description of the BTSC system) referred to in that report are reproduced in Appendix A. This document is intended for equipment manufacturers and broadcasters. For manufacturers, there is discussion material useful to determine design tradeoffs together with recommended performance standards. For broadcasters, there is discussion and information, which allows individual equipment items to be defined in terms of performance so that the transmitter plant will perform properly as a system. Receiver issues are identified which are of particular significance to the broadcaster as well as to the receiver manufacturer. While there is herein much useful information for the CATV industry, this document does not directly address the CATV MTS application.

Document History

  1. CTA TVSB-5 (S2015)


    Multi-Channel TV Sound System BTSC System Recommended Practices (Formerly CEA)

    • Most Recent
  2. CTA TVSB5-R-2005

    Multichannel TV Sound System BTSC System Recommended Practices (Formerly CEA)

    • Historical Version