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1.1 This Standard outlines a means for certifying eligible welding inspectors by examination in one of three levels.

It describes the responsibilities associated with each level and the basic technical functions of welding inspectors.

This Standard also outlines a means of registering welding inspection trainees.


The certification document should indicate in relation to the product categories listed in Clause the codes, standards, or specifications passed by the welding inspector.

1.2 This Standard specifies a means for periodically reviewing a welding inspector#s certification and includes a requirement for vision tests.

1.3 This Standard, by including a code of ethics for the welding inspector, defines principles of practice and conduct for maintaining certification.

1.4 To assist candidates in preparing for examinations, this Standard includes recommended course guidelines covering (a),,welding fundamentals; (b),,welding inspection; and (c),,welding metallurgy.

In addition, it includes lists of relevant Standards and of recommended courses and reference material (see Appendices A and B).

1.5 This Standard does not purport to address safety problems associated with welding and welding practice.


CSA Standard W117.2 addresses safety in welding, cutting, and allied processes and should be followed in addition to any workplace health and safety legislation in effect.

It is the responsibility of the user of this Standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

Document History

  1. CSA W178.2-14

    Certification of Welding Inspectors

    • Most Recent
  2. CSA W178.2-08 (R2013)

    Certification of Welding Inspectors

    • Historical Version
  3. CSA W178.2-01


    Certification of Welding Inspectors (Developed in cooperation with the Canadian Welding Bureau)

    • Historical Version
  4. CSA W178.2-96

    Certification of Welding Inspectors

    • Historical Version