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Full Description

This Standard is intended to provide owners of wastewater treatment plants with a comprehensive resource for design, operation, and retrofit criteria that can be implemented to increase the resilience of such plants.


1.1 This Standard addresses considerations for adapting wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to a changing climate by reviewing climate, regulatory, risk, design, construction, and operations and maintenance aspects. It applies to existing, new, or retrofit/upgrade projects.

1.2 This Standard provides a user-friendly framework and tool for designers, engineers, and managers to use when designing, constructing, or operating/maintaining WWTPs.
Note: The intention is to provide guidance for applying the tool to other infrastructure projects to assess risks related to climate change and to rank and prioritize actions to build in resilience and/or redundancy and to develop contingency plans, without indiscriminate overdesign.

1.3 This Standard provides guidance on climate change data sources and how to use them in determining impacts on WWTP components.

1.4 This Standard highlights climate change adaptation measures for building resilience and addressing high-risk scenarios related to WWTPs.

1.5 This Standard applies to the WWTP itself and its processes and property. It does not apply to collection systems feeding into the plant or to disposal receivers.