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About This Item


Full Description


This is the harmonized ANCE, CSA Group, and UL standard for Nonindustrial Photoelectric Switches for Lighting Control. It is the first edition of NMX-J-715-ANCE, the first edition of CSA-C22.2 No. 284?16, and the sixth edition of UL 773A. This edition of UL 773A supersedes the previous edition published on February 10, 2006.

This harmonized standard was prepared by the Association of Standardization and Certification, (ANCE), CSA Group and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). The efforts and support of the Technical Harmonization Subcommittee, on the Harmonization of Electrotechnical Standards of the Nations of the Americas (CANENA), are gratefully acknowledged.

The CSA Group standard also replaces the following Technical Information Letters (T.I.L.), for products covered in this Standard:

TIL No. A-15 Photo-electric switches

This standard is considered suitable for use for conformity assessment within the stated scope of the standard.

The present Mexican standard was developed by the CT 23 Electrical Accesries from the Comite de Normalizacion de la Asociacion de Normalizacion y Certificacion, A.C., CONANCE, with the collaboration of the Electrical of manufactures, manufacturers and users.


Requirements contained in this Standard cover controls of the light-sensitive or presence-sensitive types, or both; for indoor or outdoor service; intended for the control of indoor or outdoor loads up to a maximum of 20 A and maximum 347 V; intended for installations on 50 Hz or 60 HZ systems or DC up to 60 V (for US); and DC up to 42.4 V (for Canada); and intended to be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC), NFPA 70, the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code) Part I, CSA C22.2 No. 0, and NOM 001 SEDE.

These requirements do not cover controls intended to be used under the following conditions:

    a) Devices that are locking type, used for area or roadway lighting fixtures;

    b) Devices that monitor or control safety critical loads or personal protection circuits;

    c) Devices intended to be installed in areas designated hazardous locations;

    d) Devices intended to be installed for manufacturing process control.