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This twentieth edition of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, was approved by the Committee on the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, and by the Regulatory Authority Committee at their June 2005 meetings in Kelowna, British Columbia. This twentieth edition supersedes the previous editions, published in 1927, 1930, 1935, 1939, 1947, 1953, 1958, 1962, 1966, 1969, 1972, 1975, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998, and 2002.

Sections 0 to 16 and 26 are considered general sections, and the other sections supplement or amend the Various requirements were revised as a result of the continuing efforts toward harmonization. In addition, there are significant changes to Sections 2, 10, 18 (particularly in Appendices B and J), 26, and 32. Sections 74 and 84 have been revised considerably to reflect new technology and industry practices.

A new subsection was added to Section 22 to contain the requirements for Sewage Lift and Treatment Plants.

A new Appendix I has been added listing the interpretations that have been approved since the last edition, in the cases where the Rule in question has not been clarified yet. A new Appendix K has been added giving the fundamental safety principles contained in IEC 60634-1.


The object of this Code is to establish safety standards for the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment. In its preparation, consideration has been given to the prevention of fire and shock hazards, as well as proper maintenance and operation.

Compliance with the requirements of this Code and proper maintenance will ensure an essentially safe installation. Safe installations may also be ensured by compliance with the objective-based fundamental safety principles of IEC 60364-1.

Compliance with these objective-based installation criteria by industrial and similar users may be achieved through the implementation of specific quality management programs or equivalent programs acceptable to the authorities adopting and enforcing this Code. Wiring installations that do not make provision for the increasing use of electricity may be overloaded in the future, resulting in a hazardous condition. It is recommended that the initial installation have sufficient wiring capacity and that there be some provision made for wiring changes that might be required as a result of future load growth.

This Code is not intended as a design specification nor as an instruction manual for untrained persons. The requirements in this Code address the fundamental principles of protection for safety contained in Section 131 of IEC 60364-1, which encompasses protection against electric shock, thermal effects, overcurrent, fault currents, and overvoltage.


This Code covers all electrical work and electrical equipment operating or intended to operate at all voltages in electrical installations for buildings, structures, and premises, including factory-built relocatable and non-relocatable structures, and self-propelled marine vessels stationary for periods exceeding five months and connected to a shore supply of electricity continuously or from time to time, with the following exceptions: (a) installations or equipment employed by an electric, a communication, or a community antenna distribution system utility in the exercise of its function as a utility, as recognized by the regulatory authority having jurisdiction, and located outdoors or in buildings or sections of buildings used for that purpose; (b)equipment and facilities that are used in the operation of an electric railway and are supplied exclusively from circuits that supply the motive power; (c) installations or equipment used for railway signalling and railway communication purposes, and located outdoors or in buildings or sections of buildings used exclusively for such installations; and (d) aircraft; and (e) electrical systems in ships that are regulated under Transport Canada.

For mines and quarry applications, see also CAN/CSA-M421. This Code and any standards referenced herein do not make or imply any assurance or guarantee by the authority adopting this Code with respect to life expectancy, durability, or operating performance of equipment and materials referenced herein.


This Handbook provides background information and commentary in plain, easy-to-understand language on the Rules of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I.

The Handbook is intended to provide a clearer understanding of the safety requirements of the Code.

This Handbook does not form a code of mandatory requirements and must not be used in place of the CE Code itself.

This is the fifth edition of the CE Code Handbook, and the following important changes have been made since the previous edition was published: - The material divided into rationale and intent in the previous edition has been combined to provide a clearer and more concise commentary on the CE Code. - Additional figures, examples, and calculations have been included. - Each section has been revised and reformatted in a simple, user-friendly layout - To make the Handbook more compact, the text of the CE Code has been removed.


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