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Expert Knowledge on Buildings in Cold, Arctic, and Subarctic Climates

Some of the many challenges unique to buildings in cold, arctic, and subarctic climates include low temperatures and extreme temperature shifts, permafrost, remoteness, and limited utilities. Structures built in cold climates must meet these challenges while simultaneously maintaining occupant comfort and ideally minimizing the buildings’ impact on the environment.

The key to designing, building, commissioning, maintaining, and operating efficient and longlasting cold-climate structures that are both comfortable for occupants and sustainable is strategic design. The knowledge provided in this book can guide all building team members—from the designer and architect to the commissioning authority—through the initial planning to the completion of a cold-climate building.

This second edition of Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide expands on the knowledge of cold-climate buildings by updating the existing chapters, which cover building design, HVAC calculations, system design, sustainability, controls, and commissioning. It also includes additional information on residential buildings, construction in cold climates, operation and maintenance, seasonal and off-grid facilities, and oil and gas facilities in cold climates. An appendix showcases nine buildings in both cold and extreme cold climates that serve as exemplary case studies in the field in terms of cold-climate design as well as building efficiency.

Citation: ASHRAE Book


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  1. Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide, 2nd Edition


    Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide, 2nd Edition

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  2. Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide

    Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide

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