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American National Standard*

CLSI H01-A5 discusses single-use, venous blood collection tubes. Normally, such tubes are used in conjunction with double-ended needles to provide a reliable, closed system for blood specimen collection and transportation for subsequent, general laboratory analysis. While the system inherently protects both the patient and the individual collector, care should be taken to protect the patient from microbial contamination. This precaution is met by the use of tubes with sterile interiors and the use of directions to prevent backflow from tube to patient.

The standard also provides a description, mode of action, specifications, and assay methods for additives to blood collection devices, including ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), heparin, and sodium citrate.

This standard is not intended to restrict the availability or use of venous blood collection tubes other than those specifically mentioned in this document. The standard does not address tubes used for highly specific tests (e.g., trace metal analysis).

Document History

  1. CLSI GP39-A6 (R2018)

    Tubes and Addititives for Venous Blood Specimen Collection; Approved Standard--Sixth Edition, GP39A6E

    • Most Recent
  2. CLSI H01-A5


    Tubes and Addititives for Venous Blood Specimen Collection; Approved Standard, H01A5

    • Historical Version