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Full Description

Presents an implementation model for maximizing engineering value and design effectiveness, along with an engineering strategies catalog and a software tool for determining appropriate engineering strategies for individual projects. The model promotes both efficient use of MEV/DE strategies and tools on individual projects and continuous improvement of an organization's MEV/DE implementation. The software component, the Engineering Strategies Selection Tool, takes into consideration the organization's maturity, project constraints, and project phase in order to generate a prioritized list of recommended strategies.

NOTE: This publication's accompanying beta software is a proof of concept and is available for informational purposes only.

By downloading or purchasing this publication, you understand and accept that its accompanying software may stop opening or running properly on future platforms and is not supported or maintained by CII.

Both the publication and its software are protected by applicable copyright restrictions as set forth by CII.

Any party interested in adapting this software is invited to contact CII Associate Director for Deployment to discuss licensing.