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Local, experimental heat transfer coefficients have been measured for boiling refrigerant flowing up and across a tube bundle segment representing a full flooded evaporator tube bundle. R-123 and R-134a data with 26 fins per inch (1024 fins per meter) tubes have been obtained. The refrigerant enters at 15% vapor quality and exits at nearly 100% vapor in order to simulate an actual flooded evaporator bundle. The nominal area heat flux was varied from 2,607 to 10,427 Btu/h·ft2 (8,224 to 32,893 W/m2 ) as the tube bundle oil content ranged from 0 to 15% (by weight) for each refrigerant/tube combination. The performance of R-22 without oil has also been determined. Local tube and bulk fluid temperatures were measured directly by thermocouples to calculate the refrigerant-side heat transfer coefficients. The bundle segment saturation temperature set point (taken at the top of the tube bundle) is 40°F (4.4°C).

Units: Dual