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Presents some of the various engineering, operating, and energy conservation techniques that can help lead to the successful operation of a steam system. The results of 16 steam system field studies are presented. Nine of these facilities identified 2,746,000 dollars worth of annual savings tied to the changes made in the monitoring and maintenance of the steam system piping, valving, and steam trapping. These savings were achieved with procedures already documented in ASHRAE standards. Many obstacles must be overcome to successfully implement any programme. It is often necessary both to overcome some problems with communications and people. Facilities are grouped and reviewed by heavy industry, light industry, food and pharmaceuticals, and institutional and commercial.

KEYWORDS: operations, planning, performance, USA, industrial, food industry, pharmaceuticals industry, commercial, steam, steam traps, steam generation, steam boilers, energy conservation, energy auditing, standards, buildings, absorption refrigeration, air conditioning.

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions 1993, Vol.99, pt.1