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Imagine being able to extract all of the performance characteristics for each piece of equipment into a data collection form that could then be used to check contractor submittals for compliance to design intent or to have operating parameters and setpoints from the control sequence for a piece of equipment automatically input into a functional performance test procedure. These ideas could be possible if the desired information were uniquely identified so that various software applications could search for and extract the information. This is the basic concept behind “interoperability.” This paper summarizes the results of ASHRAE research project TRP-1032 (Luskay and Forester 2002) and focuses primarily on the identification and management of building design information necessary for commissioning and system operation. A brief overview of the data model is also presented. Over 250 data points for chilled water systems and variable air volume air distribution systems were identified, including design data, performance characteristics, control sequences, and operating parameters. A data model was developed using the industry foundation classes (IFC) to classify each data point within each system.

Units: Dual

Citation: Symposium, ASHRAE Transactions, vol. 109, pt. 1