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About This Item


Full Description

This PDF includes GI #2.

1. Scope


General This Standard applies to packages for drugs and other substances, in either liquid or solid form, that incorporate a reclosable child-resistant feature(s) that restricts children in their ability to gain access to the contents of the package.


Requirements This Standard includes requirements for the construction, performance, child-resistant effectiveness, younger-adult use effectiveness, senior-adult use effectiveness, and marking of child-resistant packages, and the instructions to be provided with such packages.


Testing This Standard describes the physical tests that shall be used as a minimum to ensure that subsequent production lots conform to this Standard.


Nonreclosable Child-Resistant Packages This Standard does not apply to nonreclosable packages or features. Note: This will be covered by CSA Standard Z76.2.


Terminology In this Standard, ""shall"" indicates a mandatory requirement; ""should"" indicates a recommendation, or that which is advised but not mandatory.

Notes accompanying clauses do not include mandatory or alternative requirements. The purpose of a note accompanying a clause is to separate from the text explanatory or informative material that is not properly a part of the Standard. Notes to figures and tables are considered to be part of the figure or table and are written as mandatory requirements.

Document History

  1. CSA Z76.1:21

    Reclosable Child-Resistant Packages, Includes Administrative Update (2022)

    • Most Recent
  2. CSA Z76.1-16

    Reclosable Child-Resistant Packages

    • Historical Version
  3. CSA Z76.1-06 (R2016)

    Reclosable Child-Resistant Packages

    • Historical Version
  4. CAN/CSA Z76.1-99 (R2003)


    Reclosable Child-Resistant Packages

    • Historical Version