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This standard specifies the administrative requirements of the telecommunications infrastructure within a new, an existing, or a renovated (primarily commercial) building or campus. Areas of the infrastructure to be administered are shown in figure 2.1-1 and include:

(a) terminations for the telecommunications media located in work areas, telecommunications closets, equipment rooms, and entrance facilities.

(b) telecommunications media between terminations;

(c) pathways between terminations that contain the media;

(d) spaces where terminations are located;

(e) bonding/grounding, as it applies to telecommunications.

Figure 2.1-1 complies with the infrastructure standards listed in clause 1.4 and illustrates the scope of this standard.


This standard also specifies requirements for the collection, organization, and presentation of as-built data.


In addition to providing requirements and guidelines for a traditional paper-based administration system, this standard also serves as a platform for the design of computer-based administration tools, which may be necessary as the information base gets larger.


This standard does not cover the administration of either end-user equipment attached to the telecommunications outlet connector or application-specific devices in the te lecommunications spaces, e.g., data/voice switching equipment and computers. However, this standard may be usable as a platform for specifying an administration scheme for end-user and application-specific equipment.


This standard does not specify requirements for user safety.