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Full Description

This is a text searchable PDF

1 Scope

1.1 General

This part of ISO/IEC ISP 12062 covers access to a message store (MS) in an Interpersonal Messaging (IPM) environment using the P7 MS 94 Access Protocol (see also figure 1), as defined in ISO/IEC 10021-5:1994 and ISO/IEC 10021-6:1996.

These specifications form part of the Interpersonal Messaging application functions, as defined in the parts of ISO/IEC ISP 12062, and are based on the Common Messaging content type-independent specifications in ISO/IEC ISP 10611. The type of MS access specified in this part of ISO/IEC ISP 12062 allows an IPM user agent (UA) to interact with an MS in a full and flexible manner without having to retrieve complete messages. Minimal attribute support for MS 94 access in an IPM environment can be specified by claiming conformance to profile AMH15 with an additional claim of support of IPM MS attributes (see subclause A.3.1 of ISO/IEC ISP 10611-6). Annex A of this part of ISO/IEC ISP 12062 may be used in such a case.

1.2 Position within the taxonomy

This part of ISO/IEC ISP 12062 is the sixth part of a multipart ISP identified in ISO/IEC TR 10000-2 as .AMH2, Message Handling Systems - Interpersonal Messaging.. This part of ISO/IEC ISP 12062 specifies the following profile: AMH26 - IPM Requirements for Enhanced MS 94 Access (P7) The AMH26 profile may be combined with any T-Profiles (see ISO/IEC TR 10000) specifying the OSI connection-mode Transport service.

1.3 Scenario

The model used is one of access to an IPM message store (MS) by an IPM MS-user - specifically, the intercommunication between an IPM MS and an IPM MS-user (i.e. an IPM user agent) using the P7 protocol, as shown in figure 1. The AMH26 profile covers all aspects of the MS Abstract Service, as defined in ISO/IEC 10021-5, when realized using the P7 protocol in an IPM environment.