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Full Description

1 Scope

This Recommendation 1 International Standard defines the Management knowledge management function. The Management knowledge management function is a Systems Management function which may be used by an application process in a centralized or decentralized management environment to interact for the purpose of systems management, as defined by the OS1 Management framework, CCITT Rec. X.700 and ISO/IEC 7498-4. This Recommendation I nternational Standard defines a function which consists of generic definitions and services. This function is positioned in the application layer of the OS1 reference model, ITU-T Rec. X.200 1 ISO/IEC 7498-1, and is defined according to the model provided by ITU-T Rec. X.207 - ISO/IEC 9545. The role of systems management functions is described by CCITT Rec. X.701 I ISO/IEC 10040.

This Recommendation / International Standard: - identifies the set of requirements satisfied by the function; - provides a model for the behavior of management knowledge objects; - specifies the management requirements of the function and how these are managed objects and their behaviour or by specification of Directory objects; - specifies the mapping of these services onto the CMIS services; - specifies the abstract syntax of the MAPDUs that will be sued to refer to managed objects and their characteristics. objects and their characteristics.

This Recommendation / International Standard does not: - define the nature of any implementation intended to provide the Management knowledge management function; - specify the manner in which management is to be accomplished by the user of the Management knowledge management function; - define the nature of any interactions which result in the use of the Management knowledge management function; - specify the services necessary for the establishment, normal and abnormal release of a management association; - define the interactions which result by the simultaneous use of several management functions; - define connection establishment or authorization requirements for the use of these functions or for any associated activity; - preclude the definition of further management knowledge object classes.