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Full Description


1.1 This Standard provides requirements for the design, manufacture, and q uality control of all types of concrete poles.

1.2 The provisions of this Standard are applicable to poles manufactured by the casting process and the spinning process.

1.3 This Standard does not address the rules for determining the required strength or other functional properties of any pole application, nor does it address the rules for choosing a particular cl ass of pole or property of a pole.

1.4 This Standard does address the special requirements of poles for which certain special structural, architectural, or other functional properties have been specified.

1.5 The vertical load capacity of a pole is not addressed in this Standard. Note:

Concrete poles have a substantial, inherent vertical load capacity, which, in general, is much larger than that of a wood pole.

Appendix A gives theoretical formulas for computing the vertical capacity under different conditions of restraint.

When the conditions of restraint are known, a manufacturer can supply a pole of suitable proportions, but this is a contractual matter beyond the scope of this Standard.

1.6 This Standard, with one exception, is written in SI units, with approximate soft conversions in yard/pound units offered in parentheses for convenience.

Because of the existence of numerous poles made to classes specified in yard/pound units and because the industry is familiar with empirical rules for choosing poles in accordance with these existing classes, the class strengths given in Table 1 are based on the traditional values expressed in pounds and the SI values given are soft- converted from the yard/pound units.

Document History

  1. CSA A14-07 (R2017)

    Concrete Poles

    • Most Recent
  2. CAN/CSA A14-00


    Concrete Poles

    • Historical Version