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Full Description

This standard provides:

General information on paints

Definitions of administrative and technical paint terms

It also provides guidance on:

The selection of paint systems

The selection of products to be used

Methods of surface preparation

Methods of paint application

Methods of inspection

Preparation of Painting Specifications.

In the title and throughout the standard the words "paint" and "painting" are used in the general sense and unless otherwise indicated should be understood to apply to paints and coatings and their respective application.

Similarly the term "specifier" is frequently used in a general sense and should be understood to include owners, general contractors, architects and engineers.

As a painting guide, this standard does not address safety concerns when using the respective materials described herein. It is the responsibility of the users of this standard to be aware of and to establish appropriate health and safety practices in accordance with any applicable regulatory requirements.

Separate English and French Editions