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The standard applies to the voluntary labelling and advertising of food in order to distinguish whether or not such foods are products of genetic engineering, or contain or do not contain ingredients that are products of genetic engineering, irrespective of whether the food or ingredient contains DNA or protein.

The standard defines terms, and sets out criteria for claims and for their evaluation and verification.

The standard applies to food sold to consumers in Canada, regardless of whether it is produced domestically or imported.

The standard applies to the labelling and advertising of food sold prepackaged or in bulk, as well as to food prepared at the point of sale.

Under this standard, processing aids, enzymes below 0.01% by weight in a food as offered for sale (exception, see par. 6.2.7 a.), veterinary biologics, animal feeds, and substrates for micro-organisms (where the substrate itself is not present in the finished food product) do not affect whether a food or ingredient is considered to be or not to be a product of genetic engineering.

This standard does not preclude, override, or in any way change legally required information, claims or labelling, or any other applicable legal requirements.