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Foods and other aquaculture products shall refer to organic production methods only if they comply with this standard and local regulations.

This standard applies to the following products to the extent that the principles of production and specific verification rules for them are described in the standard:
  • a. Seaweeds and aquatic plants and seaweed and aquatic plant products, aquaculture animals and aquaculture animal products
  • b. Processed products intended for human consumption or use and derived from the items mentioned in par. 1.2 a.
  • c. Aquaculture animal feed
  • d. Processed products intended for animal consumption or use derived from the items mentioned in par. 1.2 a.
Quantities and dimensions in this standard are given in metric units.

Prohibited Substances, Methods or Ingredients in Organic Production and Handling

When producing or handling organic products, it is forbidden to use any of the following substances or techniques:
  • a. All materials and products produced from genetic engineering as these are not compatible with the general principles of organic production and therefore are not accepted under this standard, except for vaccines
  • b. Synthetic pesticides (e.g. defoliants and desiccants, fungicides, insecticides and rodenticides), wood preservatives (e.g. arsenate) or other pesticides, except as specified in this standard
  • c. Fertilizer or composted plant and animal material that contains a substance prohibited by par. 1.4.1 (and not included in this standard)
  • d. Sewage sludge, in any form, as defined in this standard, as an input
  • e. Synthetic growth regulators
  • f. Synthetic veterinary drugs, including antibiotics and parasiticides, except as specified in this standard
  • g. Synthetic processing substances, aids and ingredients, and food additives and processing aids including sulphates, nitrates and nitrites, except as specified in CAN/CGSB-32.311, Organic Production Systems - Permitted Substances Lists
  • h. Ionizing radiation and forms of irradiation on products destined for food or their inputs, as defined in this standard, except as specified in CAN/CGSB-32.311, Organic Production Systems - Permitted Substances Lists
  • i. Equipment, packaging materials and storage containers, or bins that contain a synthetic fungicide, preservative or fumigant
  • j. Substances that are not included in the Permitted Substances Lists, except as provided by this standard
  • k. Cloned farm animals and their descendants. A producer shall know the lineage of any non-organic animal brought under organic management
  • l. Intentionally manufactured nano-technology products, or nano-processes involving intentional manipulation of matter at the nano scale to achieve new properties or functions that are different than properties and functions of the materials at the macro scale, except naturally occurring nanosized particles, or those produced incidentally through normal processes such as grinding flour, or nano sized particles used in a way that guarantees no transference to product.

Document History

  1. CAN/CGSB 32.312-2018

    Organic Aquaculture Standards

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  2. CAN/CGSB 32.312-2012


    Organic Aquaculture Standards

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