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This standard applies to JET B wide-cut type aviation turbine fuel, consisting of hydrocarbons, and naturally occurring non-hydrocarbons derived from petroleum, and additives as specified herein. Wide-cut type aviation fuels are low flash, volatile naphtha and kerosene blends, having a wide boiling range and a low-freezing point.

Note: Volatility is not controlled by flash point but rather by a maximum vapour pressure limit.

Grade JET B fuel is normally used in civil aviation operations in aircraft that have been approved to use this fuel.

Limitations for Use - Aircraft operators should consult their aircraft manuals for the type of fuel, fuel additives and other limitations.

The testing and evaluation of a product against this standard may require the use of materials and/or equipment that could be hazardous. This document does not purport to address all the safety aspects associated with its use. Anyone using this standard has the responsibility to consult the appropriate authorities and to establish appropriate health and safety practices in conjunction with any applicable regulatory requirements prior to its use.

Document History

  1. CAN/CGSB 3.22-2012 (R2017)


    Wide-Cut Type Aviation Turbine Fuel (Grade JET B)

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  2. CAN/CGSB 3.22-2002

    Wide-Cut Type Aviation Turbine Fuel

    • Historical Version