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This standard applies to electronic equipment required for simultaneous interpretation from one language to another.

It defines the minimum requirements for the components of a system, such as microphones, headphones and amplifiers.

It prescribes the minimum requirements of the characteristics of systems in order to ensure optimum performance under conditions of normal operation.

This standard should facilitate the determination of quality of systems, the comparison of different systems and the determination of their proper application by listing the characteristics which are useful for their specification. In this standard, the word quality is intended to denote mainly electro-acoustical quality such as intelligibility, EM interference, and not the quality from the point of view of safety, durability, resistance to environmental conditions, etc. Quality should be judged from the point of view of the user, who is concerned with the characteristics of the systems as a whole and not, as a rule, with details of the design of the apparatus or the characteristics of its components.

Separate English and French Editions